Disclaimer: The format and the content of any simcheck can change at any time and while we will endeavour to keep up
with the latest information regarding the relevant airline, we cannot be held responsible should that content change.

We are in no way affiliated with any airline and any guidance we give should be regarded as sample information only and if there is any discrepancy between our information and that of the the airline you are preparing for, please revert to the guidance given by the airline. We will prepare you to the best of our ability based on our extensive industry experience but we cannot be held responsible should the outcome of your check be unsuccessful, IT IS UP TO YOU TO PASS! We provide verbal feedback on the day but cannot provide written references or feedback. The simulator is a fixed based training device and is an excellent representation of the Boeing 737. The cockpit layout and pitch & power settings are all very accurate but the hours on the sim cannot be logged at present as we are in the process of establishing EASA certification.