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Fly our Boeing 737 simulator for fun!

Why not give that special someone a gift to remember?

Let them take the controls of a Boeing 737 Flight Simulator under the supervision of a current airline captain. You might decide to go on a simulated flight to New York or Salzburg or mabye a busy approach into Heathrow, you choose! You can bring a companion to enjoy the experience at no extra charge.

Flight experience packages

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  • Fly our Boeing 737 Simulator and enjoy !

  • Boeing 737
    Flight Experience

  • 150 / hour
  • Could you land a 737 if you were faced with the challenge? Come and find out!
  • We simulate a real time flight from Dublin to Manchester where the pilots become incapacitated and you hear the words “Is there anone onboard who can fly a plane?”
  • Why not come and find out if you would be up to the challenge?

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National flight Centre, Weston Airport,
Leixlip, Ireland