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  • Simulator Assessment Prep sessions

    We offer various Simulator Assessment Preparation and Interview Preparation packages to prepare you for your airline pilot assessment, located 10 minutes from Dublin Airport.

  • Free transport to and from our facility

    We now offer a free shuttle service to and from the sim. ( terms and conditions apply )

  • Accommodation

    We can help you arrange your accommodation.

  • 737NG flight simulator packages

    Our Boeing 737NG flight simulator assessment preparation packages involve a detailed pre flight briefing, a structured step by step simulator session culminating in a practice sim check, followed by a thorough de-brief, all with an experienced and current Boeing 737ng Training Captain who has prepared students for Boeing 737 flight simulator assessments for the last 7 years.

  • PFD/ND or EFIS/MAP modes

    We can configure our 737 simulator in the PFD/ND or EFIS/MAP mode to suit your needs.

  • 20 minutes from Dublin Airport

    We’re located at the National Flight Centre at Weston Airport only 10 minutes from Dublin Airport.

  • No hidden charges

    No hidden charges, the prices below include the instructor,the pre and post flight briefings and transport to and from the sim for some packages!

Simcheck packages

  • 2 hour 737 sim preperation

  • 2 hour simulator assessment preparation session
  • The basic package, ideal if you have had some recent jet sim or jet aircraft experience.
  • *** We now provide free transfers to and from the sim! ***
  • 3 hour 737 sim preperation

  • 3 hour simulator assessment preparation session
  • Want a little extra time to take the pressure off? Cover everything in a little more detail with 3 hours.
  • *** We now provide free transfers to and from the sim! ***
  • 4 hour 737 sim preperation

  • 4 hour simulator assessment preparation session
  • This package suits those who would like a more comprehensive session or those whom have no jet experience.
  • *** We now provide free transfers to and from the sim! ***
  • 3 hour sim & interview prep

  • 3 hour sim and airline pilot interview preparation.
  • This package includes 3 hours sim preparation plus 2 hours with an industry professional specialising in interview preparation.
  • *** We now provide free transfers to and from the sim! ***
  • 3 Day Comprehensive Pre-Assessment Course

  • 3 Day ground school and simulator preparation course.
  • This package is a comprehensive, 3 day simulator and groundschool course which covers every aspect of your upcoming assessment. It comprises of 12 hours simulator time which can be shared by two pilots, 6 hours pre-flight classroom briefings and de-briefings after each session. Content includes basic Jet orientation, 737 handling techniques, common mistakes for each element of the check and CRM techniques. This course is ideal for those whom have no 737 simulator experience or those who need a Jet Orientation and Multi-Crew operations refresher specifically targeting Boeing 737 operators.
    All instructors are experienced 737 Captains.
  • Price on application. Cost may be shared by 2 candidates.
  • *** We now provide free transfers to and from the sim! ***

“I am an Avro Rj Captain and had an upcoming Simulator assessment with a European 737 carrier for the position of a direct entry Captain on the B737 ng. I went for a 4 hour simulator assessment preparation session with Simcheck and do not think I would have got through the process had I not prepared with them.The cost was a fraction of that of a full motion flight simulator but I was still able to familiarise myself with the Boeing 737 flightdeck and the power and pitch settings, all of which proved to be very accurate.”

Captain B. Mulvey
  • *** Simulator slots may be cancelled or amended within 24 hours of the booking without incurring a cost. Sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the agreed booking time will be liable for a cancellation charge of 50% of the cost of the package.***

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22 mins from Airside Business Park. ***FREE TRANSPORT PROVIDED***

22 mins from Airside Business Park. ***FREE TRANSPORT PROVIDED***



National flight Centre, Weston Airport,
Leixlip, Ireland

Disclaimer: The format and the content of any simcheck can change at any time and while we will endeavour to keep up
with the latest information regarding the relevant airline, we cannot be held responsible should that content change.

WE ARE IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH ANY AIRLINE and any guidance we give should be regarded as sample information only and if there is any discrepancy between our information and that of the the airline you are preparing for, please revert to the guidance given by the airline. We will prepare you to the best of our ability based on our extensive industry experience but we cannot be held responsible should the outcome of your check be not as you expected. IT IS UP TO YOU TO PASS! We provide verbal feedback on the day but cannot provide written references or feedback. The simulator is a fixed based training device and is an excellent representation of the Boeing 737. The cockpit layout and pitch & power settings are all very accurate but the hours on the sim cannot be logged at present as we are in the process of establishing EASA certification.

NB: Instructors are paid seperately and independently